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                                      YOUR WEDDING DAY 

                                  PHOTO MAKE UP APPLICATIONS

The Brides wedding Day is magical and the brides day is hers and no one else's. With this in mind the 1st meeting is with the Bride one-on-one. Once we build a price pac​kag​e together we are well on our way to the perfect day! 


After it is all said and done the photos are all that is left of that fabulous day so it is important to get them right !

* Wedding mobile services are available. 




• Color photo applications

• Consultation one month before your wedding event including a pre-run application for the bride.

• Special primer moisturizer 

PRICEs are as follows:   

WEDDING GROUP PHOTO Makeup BOOKING:       $ 100.00 for the Bride package  (includes make up photo application /a set of gel nail  optional with art and polish/ facial and eye brow arching).

$ 75.00 for the Bride (photo makeup and manicure with polish only).


$ 60.00 for each Brides Maid “and or” Maid of Honor

$ 35.00 for  Mother of Bride.

$ 25.00 for  Grandmother of Bride

$ 7.00 for flower girl over the age of ten


GUESTS of the same wedding:

$20.00 each guest not in the wedding party ( “non photo make up“ application ) 

$ 15.00 False lashes each |(appointment prior to the wedding day event)

***** down payment of 30% is required

Cruelty Free: All Cinecitta products are completely cruelty-free and from Italy.

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